What Inspires My Style

I often hear people try to categorize their personal style into one word. I personally think that is not accurate and nearly impossible. Give me three words and I still won’t be able to truly capture what my style is. Personal style is more than just a cluster of a few words. For me, fashion has always been about making a statement, standing out, and expressing me. Editorialist Spring/Summer 2016 Issue Launch Party

Though I have style icons and influencers that may inspire what I wear from time to time, they definitely don’t dictate my whole look. I look for inspiration all around me. As odd as it might sound, I even find inspiration from objects, nature, and textures that appear in my daily life. The biggest thing I’ve always loved about my style is my want to make a statement. Whether that is a bold, colorful look or a powerful, “I’m-a-girl-boss” look, my style reflects anything from what I’m inspired by that day to what I’m feeling. I love fashion so much because while I might find inspiration from other outlets, I am still always making everything I wear mine. I can never truly embody someone else, nor do I ever want to, so I draw inspiration while still staying original.

Some people don’t necessarily like this factor of fashion but it is one of my favorites. Trends and ideas are consistently being reused and recycled. What is so extraordinary about that is the fact that they come back around in a whole different time, place, and culture. How I might wear something that my mom wore when she was in college is going to be on a drastically different side of the scale and that is UNIQUE! Runway designers are consistently receiving backlash for “copying” ideas that have already been used. There may be instances when there are replicas that raise eyebrows, but for the most part, designers put their own take on an idea. That is how I feel when I see pieces or looks that have already been done. I use it for my inspiration but I wear it as me and that is the best thing I could ever do!

I use my uniqueness to my advantage when forming my outfits. Just because I have colored hair and eye-catching outfits doesn’t mean that I am anymore unique than someone with brown hair and a casual style. We are just different. How we choose to dress and the person we want to express are two very different people. I love showcasing my spunky, loud, crazy side while someone else might like to illustrate their chill, laid back side. Whatever you might choose to represent, you are unique and your style is an easy way to portray that.

A lot of factors play into what influences me as a fashion lover. The fashion world has so much to offer and is so accepting of different kinds of styles and expressions. I love the excitement of going out in an outfit I feel good in and seeing what other people put on and how it might be representing them that day.




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